Welcome Note/ President of IRSA


Maybe W.K.Roentgen did not guess what a great revolution in medical and health care sciences has happened by his accidentally discovery. Nowadays we cannot imagine a hospital without medical imaging equipments.                                                            

The radiographers are in the first line of image creating and they are in charge of taking the best image with least hazards which a dangerous phenomenon like ionizing radiation can produce, at the other hand the medical imaging sciences grow up very fast, so increasing and renewing their knowledge and abilities is a very important step in patients' treatment. Using new modalities and finding the optimum way in making the best image is our duty

We are inviting all of our colleagues to take part in 13th congress of Iranian Radiographic Science Association which be held in the same time of 31st congress of Iranian Radiology Society next May.

I hope the articles and workshops can help every single of you in growing your information to do your responsibilities better.


Ramin Jaberi, Ph.D

President of  IRSA