Welcome Note/ Director of IRSA


That is a great reputation to be untrusted to invite my valuable colleagues for the 13th congress of Iranian Radiographic Science Association congress, our main effort in previous few months was preparing a useful and complete program which can be held in 3 days.

 According to developing of radiographic sciences in last decade in both technical and clinical point of views we have to learn more about new hardware and software. If in past years there were few CT Scan and MRI machines in big cities and center of large provinces right now we  are facing with opening the modern centers in many hospitals and unfortunately we are not ready from human source aspect. The past graduated colleagues do not have complete education in new modalities so we think IRSA has this duty to renew the colleagues’ information and help to make them up to date.

In 13th congress in addition of articles from researches in our field include CT, MRI, Conventional Radiography, Angiography, Radiation Protection, Radiobiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy; we will prepare 4 big panels with collaboration of expert colleagues in : MRI, CT Scan, and Radiation Protection, also some workshops which will be held in special techniques.

We are waiting for your precious articles and your enthusiastic attending eagerly.


Majid Roshanfekr, B.Sc.

Director of 13th Congress of IRSA